Monday, March 31, 2008

Peace Crane Bluffs

I'm starting a small series of work based on peace cranes. A lot of my sketches lately have worked their way around to cranes, and I thought it would be a good series right now considering the boiling-point state of the world. This piece is my first success using a paper that is specifically made for chalk mediums. It's basically like working on a think piece of 300 grit sandpaper. It's harder to get tight details, but the resulting softness of color is unbelievable. All the insanity of juggling a million things to get ready for my show this coming Friday is calming down and all falling into place. I've got easels for the work, frames for the art, and enough dough to afford all the prints I want to have to sell, including a second round of bookmarks! Hope to see you there!


Mr Higgs said...


I want to see more drawings with noots that are toof!

Like some totally sweet fighting ninja monkeys or a robot which is rogue... I say "bah!" to your hippie cranes.

BTW that drawing is pretty nice buddies.

marblemadness said...

totally love all the new stuff I saw on your site! Take care!!

-Dawn A.