Thursday, March 20, 2008

Top Secret Commission Project

I've been commissioned to do a piece for my friend Corey Dalton for his Tillie McGuinn chronicles. Josh Johnson is doing the main illustrations for the book, but Corey is commissioning other concept art of the characters for a gallery. I've chosen to give my impression of "Keeper of the Flame," a wise old woman who is somewhat of a spiritual oracle for an underwater tribe. This is a really fun project, and I've decided to keep my work under complete wraps until the Graphic Narrative Show on April 4th. I'll be doing an unveiling there, but until then I will not be showing any images, progress shots, or scans, nor will I be talking about it, at all, to anyone. I'm going to try my best at making sure it is kept top secret until the show. If you can't make it to the show, check back here after 4/4/08 and I'll have an image or two of it, plus photos from the event.


Mr Higgs said...

Too bad for you that Dexter calls me on a regular basis and tells me all about what you are up to... I know all your secrets. Even the one about your hidden stash of My Little Pony toys! OH DANG!

Amory Abbott said...

dammit, Dexter told me he'd never tell anyone. I guess he told you about the Mr. T voodoo doll I have too.... Don't tempt me, buddies!

Mr Higgs said...

It's cool buddies buddies... Just put the T doll down and pity a fool.