Friday, November 14, 2008

Stutz Holiday Show Art: The Process

Here's some process imagery of my piece for the Stutz Holiday Show (see next post for exhibition info). It started with a sketch in my new book, contour line study. Then a small marker study on watercolor paper. Then the final piece on bristol board.
Bragging rights: On the marker study and the final, the heavy black brushwork was done first, with no pencil sketch, then the micron line-work and color added. It seems counter-intuitive, sketching with a brush, but that's what makes it so badass. haha.
Line-work first? Psshh... Don't worry, daddy's got you.

P.S.- yes, that's a bandaid on my thumb. I survived. :)


Marker Study:

Final piece:


Corey said...

stop using peace cranes! I love each one, and they just get better and better... I only have so much canvas to work with here!
But seriously, I love the peace crane in a bottle.

p.s. aren't brush tipped pens great?

Kristen said...

truly amazing...its beautiful